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Villages of Gondar

The Villages of Gondar are made up of 10 farming communities nestled near the shores of Lake Tana, Ethiopia’s largest lake and the source of the Blue Nile.

The landscape is dotted with bright green fields of teff and millet. Farmers here work year-round growing crops to feed their families.

Amhara Region
located in the northwestern part of Ethiopia
Village Life

Why We Chose Gondar

One of the most striking areas of hardship here is education. Schools are in extremely poor condition — students struggle to focus on lessons in dark classrooms with mud seats and no windows. A single textbook is often shared by four or more students.

In addition, 40% of residents lack access to clean water. Local health posts are also in disrepair. Small and poorly stocked, they are insufficient to meet the needs of nearly 50,000 residents who depend on them for maternal care, vaccinations and other health services. Learn how you can get involved with Glimmer's work in Gondar.

Glimmer's Plan

In late 2014, Glimmer began work in the Villages of Gondar. We’ll spend multiple years working here, addressing the most critical needs first. 

Better schools, improvements in health care and clean water close to home will change lives in these communities. Microfinance loans will help families break the cycle of extreme poverty. And strong support from the local government, community members and our construction partners will ensure the success and sustainability of the projects for years to come. Learn more about Glimmer’s plan.

Village Culture

In these close-knit communities, elders are well respected and often called upon to help resolve social issues. Residents also place a special importance on education. In spite of the dilapidated state of most schools, communities work together at the beginning of each school year to encourage students to enroll.

Farming is a way of life in the villages. In addition to growing food for their families, many residents also travel to nearby markets in Maskegnit Town, Tseda and Gondar to sell goods, livestock and services.

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Village Location

The Villages of Gondar are located in the central Amhara Region, near the shores of Lake Tana, Ethiopia’s largest lake and the source of the Blue Nile. Because of the proximity to the lake, malaria is a persistent threat, particularly during and after the rainy season.

The nearest major city is just northwest of the villages. A bustling mountain town located at 7000 ft above sea level, it was once the capital of the Ethiopian Empire in the 17th century.

October 5, 2016

Big Change for Little Birchiko

In the early morning before school, 10-year-old Birchiko grabbed her yellow jerry can and joined her friends on the short walk to the new clean water well in her neighborhood. Nicknamed “Little Birchiko” for her small size,... Continue Reading

January 19, 2016

Growing and Thriving in the New Year

We’ve completed our first year of work as part of our five-year commitment in the Villages of Gondar. In partnership with the community, we started with the most critical needs across this rural community, touching 10,000... Continue Reading

August 5, 2015

Excitement at the New Minzero Library

When Glimmer first arrived in the Villages of Gondar, one of the most striking areas of need was in education. Today, thanks to the continued support of our generous donors, we are making great progress. One new project we’re... Continue Reading

April 1, 2015

Revolutionizing Rural Community Development
The community came together to collaborate and commit as part of our groundbreaking launching workshop in Gondar

Glimmer led an exciting workshop in the Villages of Gondar—bringing together our local construction partners, local government representatives, and community members from each of the 10 villages in Gondar. Villagers traveled... Continue Reading

March 22, 2015

World Water Day 2015

In our first year of work in the Villages of Gondar, we will start building wells that will bring clean water to this community. When safe drinking water is available less than a mile from home, girls spend time in school and... Continue Reading

November 12, 2014

Celebrate the Season & Give Hope

Glimmer is raising $1.4 million for the first year of work in the Villages of Gondar. As we gear up to launch projects in 2015, you can help give this community hope and be a part of the change. Glimmer will start by addressing... Continue Reading

September 17, 2014

Glimmer's Approach in Gondar

With the rainy season drawing to a close, the Glimmer team is preparing to go back on the ground in the Villages of Gondar to begin the season’s work. The 10 villages in this area are comprised of two distinct groups; each... Continue Reading

Support the Villages of Gondar

Glimmer is in our second year of work in the Villages of Gondar. We made great progress in 2015 with seven schools, 11 water wells and a health center. In the coming years, we'll build additional schools, wells and health clinics, and provide microfinance loans to help families start and expand businesses. Donate and help support the transformation of these villages!

Annual Fundraising Goal: $1.4 million

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In our second year of work, we will raise $1.4 million to bring lifesaving projects to the Villages of Gondar.

15 Water Projects
15 Education Projects
10 Health Projects

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My father grew up in Gondar and had extream difficulty finding a sufficient education. He was able to provide me with an amazing education and now its my time to give back. I’m working with A...
raised of $15,000 needed
I’m working with A Glimmer of Hope to transform lives in Ethiopia. You can help!Did you know that in Ethiopia, women and children are living in extreme poverty? They need the most basic things — like...