Since our founding in 2000, we have constructed more than 9,000 projects and distributed more than 44,000 microfinance loans to help those living in rural Ethiopia.

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Villages of AdiKeyh

Deep in the mountains of Tigray, the Villages of AdiKeyh are home to more than 22,000 people.

In this farming community surrounded by gorgeous, rocky landscape, villagers fight the dry climate to maintain their crops and their livelihoods.

Tigray Region
located in the northernmost part of Ethiopia

Village Culture

Though farming is the main livelihood in AdiKeyh, it is a difficult lifestyle to maintain. Residents grow crops like tomatoes, cabbage, apples and avocados and they use cows and oxen to plow the land, but during the long dry season it can be hard to keep these plants and animals alive.

Elders of the community wear ponchos and robes, while younger residents and children opt for more eclectic, modern attire. While their ages and attire may vary, everyone here is committed to the well-being of the community.

The People: Meet Ezinesh

Ezinesh is a school teacher in Daereta, one of the villages of AdiKeyh. She moved there to teach at the school. When we met her, she lived in the teacher housing that was provided. Her living situation exposed her to not only cold air and rain, but also invading creatures like snakes and rats. Her classroom was also in disrepair; the dark, dusty room was causing her students to develop health problems. 

We’re currently constructing a new school and new teacher housing in Daereta that will give Ezinesh the tools she needs to help her students. Learn more on the AdiKeyh blog.

Why We Chose AdiKeyh

When we arrived in AdiKeyh, the community's greatest need was access to clean drinking water. Residents had to walk for miles to the nearest source, and waterborne disease was common.

Improved health was also a pressing need. New health posts with clean water and latrines were essential.

The education situation in AdiKeyh was especially dire. Children who attended school did so under trees or in overcrowded stick huts. They needed improved facilities to get the education they deserve.

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Village Location

In the Tigray region, the Villages of AdiKeyh sit amongst the mountains of the Ethiopian Highlands. The area is dusty and bleached, as the sun beats down mercilessly and any wind kicks up flurries of dirt. The terrain in AdiKeyh is beautiful, but also unforgiving.

Ten miles to the east is Tigray’s border with the Afar region, while Tigray’s capital, Mek’ele, is far off to the north. About 15 miles to the southwest of the villages is the historic peak of Amba Alagi, the site of several battles in the Italo-Ethiopian War. 

June 22, 2016

Rapid Response Saved Lives
Glimmer brought lifesaving food to thousands during devasting drought

Thanks to our supporters, Glimmer provided emergency relief in two communities hardest hit by the severe drought in Ethiopia. In March, we launched a food program at 13 schools across Senale and AdiKeyh villages in the Tigray... Continue Reading

November 23, 2015

Drought Update: Donna's Visit to Senale and AdiKeyh
Message from Glimmer’s Founder and CEO

I returned last week from a trip to Ethiopia that took me to several communities where Glimmer has worked for years. In the Senale and AdiKeyh villages in Tigray, I saw the land visibly exhausted and depleted from the severe... Continue Reading

April 20, 2015

Update from the Field: Daereta School Is Thriving

During our recent visit to Daereta, we found a bustling school community. Student enrollment has increased nearly 40%, with 700 students attending today. The improved teacher residences are encouraging more teachers to relocate... Continue Reading

November 17, 2014

A New Day for Daereta Students

We are so excited to announce the completion of projects at Daereta School. New and renovated school buildings are bright and clean. The new library is filled with books, and residences with a kitchen and latrine are a drastic... Continue Reading

November 1, 2013

Bahri Tseba Principal Speaks on School’s Quality

The Glimmer team recently made a trip to the Bahri Tseba School in the AdiKeyh area. The students are just back in school for a new school year and all the classrooms are abuzz with activity. While there, the team met up with... Continue Reading

October 4, 2013

Daereta Construction: Change in Progress

Since visiting in January, the Daereta school grounds have transformed into a full school campus. We witnessed the construction team hard at work with the community's help. Watch as AdiKeyh's village champion, Lee, shows the... Continue Reading

July 30, 2013

Exciting New Projects in AdiKeyh!

As Glimmer continues our work in AdiKeyh, we identified four school communities in need of basics like new classrooms, desks, latrines and clean water. As a result of our work, dark, dusty school rooms will be replaced with... Continue Reading

A Champion for AdiKeyh

Glimmer is immensely grateful to an anonymous donor who has championed the fundraising efforts for AdiKeyh since 2012.

Annual Fundraising Goal

This year, our champion's goal is to raise more than $600,000 for water and school projects in the AdiKeyh community.

4 Water Projects
14 Education Projects

An anonymous Glimmer donor is raising funds to help in Villages of AdiKeyh