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Senale Village

This remote village is sprawled over the desolate peaks of the Tigray region. Camels, donkeys and cattle wander throughout. Villagers here once spent days searching for water, and children who attended school did so in stick huts. But, with the help of our donors, that has all changed.

Tigray Region
located in the northernmost part of Ethiopia

Village Culture

This quiet mountain village is home to 13,000 people who persevere despite the difficult terrain. Like many villages in this region, the main source of livelihood is agriculture. Villagers grow crops like teff, cabbage, and lettuce and herd animals including donkeys, camels and cows.

The land may be tough, but so are the people. By necessity, the residents Senale are resilient. They are also joyful and welcoming, as the Glimmer team has witnessed on our dozens of visits with the community. Women and men sing and dance with flags and drums in elaborate welcome ceremonies, as children gather to watch or join in.

Why We Chose Senale

When we arrived in Senale in 2010, the need was immediately apparent. Women and children spent their days hiking steep, dangerous mountain trails in search of water, which was often contaminated and made people sick. Residents also suffered from other illnesses, diseases and maternal complications. Senale needed a fully equipped health center that would provide a safe place for treatment.

In addition, schools in Senale were stick huts -- small and poorly lit. These facilities not only made it hard to learn, but also made attending school unattractive to many children. See our progress.


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Village Location

In the mountains of Tigray region, Senale is situated only five miles from the border with the Afar region. Only about 12 miles to the southwest is the historic peak of Amba Alagi, the site of several battles throughout Ethiopia’s history, the first in the Italo-Ethiopian War in the late 19th century.

About forty miles to the north is the Tigrayan capital of Mek’ele, while some thirty miles to the west is the border with the Amhara Region. All around Senale is beautiful and unforgiving terrain.

The People: Meet Genat

This is Genat. When we met her in September of 2013, she was in sixth grade and had begun attending school at one of the newly constructed schools in this area.

Before Glimmer built the new school, Genat and hundreds of children like her could only go to school in crowded and dirty stick huts. Even worse, these conditions deterred many children from attending school at all. But, with the help of our donors, we’ve brought the children of Senale an invaluable gift: the chance to better themselves through education.

June 22, 2016

Rapid Response Saved Lives
Glimmer brought lifesaving food to thousands during devasting drought

Thanks to our supporters, Glimmer provided emergency relief in two communities hardest hit by the severe drought in Ethiopia. In March, we launched a food program at 13 schools across Senale and AdiKeyh villages in the Tigray... Continue Reading

November 23, 2015

Drought Update: Donna's Visit to Senale and AdiKeyh
Message from Glimmer’s Founder and CEO

I returned last week from a trip to Ethiopia that took me to several communities where Glimmer has worked for years. In the Senale and AdiKeyh villages in Tigray, I saw the land visibly exhausted and depleted from the severe... Continue Reading

December 16, 2013

Growth and Progress in Senale

This fall, the Glimmer team visited Senale and was overwhelmed by the growth of the small town since we started our work here. With clean water, school buildings and essential health care facilities interwoven close to... Continue Reading

October 2, 2013

First Impressions of Senale

Personal Update from the Field: When we arrived in Senale, we were greeted with drumming and singing. Dust rose up from the circle of villagers gathered in the town’s main street and the Ethiopian flag waved high above a... Continue Reading

December 3, 2012

All Construction is Now Complete!

We are excited to share that Glimmer recently completed construction on our first round of health, education and water projects in Senale! The 38 new water projects and a deep borehole well now provide more than 15,000 community... Continue Reading

November 5, 2012

Mothers Coming to Health Center

On a recent trip to Senale, our staff met 18-year-old Senbetua Hagos who had just given birth to her first child at the new Senale Health Center. Glimmer staff arrived just as Senbetua’s relatives began a traditional Ethiopian... Continue Reading

September 14, 2011

Construction Update

For the thousands of people living in and around Senale, change is on the horizon! Construction on the Senale Health Center is more than halfway complete and wells that will provide clean water close to home are underway. The... Continue Reading


We are grateful to everyone who supported our work in Senale. Your support helped change life in this village!

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I’m working with A Glimmer of Hope to transform lives in Ethiopia. You can help!Did you know that in Ethiopia, women and children are living in extreme poverty? They need the most basic things — like...
raised of $1,000 needed
I’m working with A Glimmer of Hope to transform lives in Ethiopia. You can help!Did you know that in Ethiopia, women and children are living in extreme poverty? They need the most basic things — like...

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