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Robit Village

Dense but quaint, Robit is home to approximately 11,000 people. The north-central Ethiopian town has one main street, a muddy river and many modest houses made of mud and straw with crooked little doorways angled sociably toward each other. Dusty and alive, Robit is always buzzing.

Amhara Region
located in the northwestern part of Ethiopia
Village Life
Tea Shops
Weekly Markets

Village Culture

The hustle and bustle of life never seems to stop in Robit. Children and chickens run every which way through the dirt streets. A lively market springs up each Wednesday at the point where all the roads converge with the main street in the town center.

Around the village, women work and chat with each other outside their houses. Children play with sticks and homemade toys nearby, or can be heard laughing and squealing as they chase and play games up and down the streets.

Why We Chose Robit

Upon first entering Robit, the need was instantly apparent. The main water source for both people and animals was a muddy, brown river. Waterborne illness was common. 

Robit lacked health facilities as well. A few remote health care workers visited the town, but there were no facilities for anything more than crude first aid. 

The children of Robit also needed new schools. Students squeezed together in dusty, waste-ridden classrooms that weren’t just tough places to learn, but health hazards.


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Village Location

Situated in the Amhara Region, Robit is in the midst of the green plains just north of Lake Tana, Ethiopia’s largest lake. The village is surrounded by lush and beautiful fields, with the sloping hills that edge the lake in the distance.

About 20 miles west are the beautiful peaks of the Simien mountains, home to some of Ethiopia’s most astounding views. Meanwhile, further north are the castles of the 17th century fortress city of Fasil Ghebbi, which were once inhabited by the country’s emperors.

Trades and Crafts

Like many villages in rural Ethiopia, Robit’s economy is largely founded on agriculture. Men work the fields and often herd cattle right through the streets of the village. It is also common to see women in front of their homes sorting herbs and spices that they've grown. 

In addition to the large weekly market at the town center, smaller markets pop up throughout the week where villagers meet and sell their goods. Some villagers also run little tea shops throughout the town where people of Robit can gather and relax.

September 26, 2013

Treating a Malaria Patient

The Robit Health Center provides a variety of health services to families in the community. Today the Glimmer team spoke with one of clinic's nurses, Melak Meseret. He told us that this time of year most patients coming to the... Continue Reading

September 6, 2013

Yorda's Next Challenge!

Glimmer first met Yorda when we started our work in Robit. The lack of clean water deeply affected Yorda’s life. Traveling to collect dirty water – and waterborne diseases – kept her out of school. When Glimmer’s... Continue Reading

November 13, 2012

Completed Projects!

We’re excited to report that the people of Robit now have access to clean drinking water, opportunities for a better education, healthcare treatment and prevention, and thriving small businesses funded by our microfinance loan... Continue Reading

November 17, 2011

We’re Halfway There!

Thanks to you, construction is blossoming in Robit Village. Last year you listened to the story of Robit and gave generously - $1,081,758 was raised to provide clean water, basic healthcare and new school buildings for the... Continue Reading

November 8, 2011

Visit Robit and Meet Yorda

Visit the village of Robit with us! Meet Yorda and see how our water and education projects are already changing lives. This video shares a glimpse of daily life in Robit. In a country where 80 percent of women do not know how... Continue Reading

November 6, 2010

Update from Let There Be Hope

Thanks to the success of our let there be hope 2010 event, Glimmer is now able to fund all of the projects needed in the community of Robit. Glimmer is using its unique integrated community development approach to help the... Continue Reading

July 11, 2010

Breaking Ground in Robit

The community of Robit came out in force with smiles and enthusiasm to help break ground on Glimmer’s new projects. Watch as eager school children get involved by helping clear the land for their new schools. Plus, see how... Continue Reading


The residents of Robit Village now have access to clean water and health care, and students have the opportunity to get an education that can help break the cycle of poverty. In addition, many residents have used microfinance loans to start or expand a business that provides for their families. Thank you to Glimmer donors for supporting this work!

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