How we change a village.

Our Model:

At Glimmer, we believe that the best way to affect sustainable change is to tackle all of the unique areas that perpetuate poverty. Rather than focus on a single issue like water or education, our unique model of integrated development means that we work across many different sectors to bring deep change. Our Ethiopian staff of development experts are pros at transforming communities through water, education, health, and microfinance projects.

Our Partners:

Glimmer works only with regional Ethiopian development organizations to construct water, education, and health projects and to manage its microfinance loans. Our partners provide invaluable local expertise in the areas in which we work. Staffed with their own technical and field experts, our partners are able to assist Glimmer’s team in Ethiopia to select site locations and implement the work. With their help, our project managers are able to carefully oversee all projects and ensure sustainability.


The Process:

Glimmer and our Ethiopian partners select a village based on who has the largest need in a region where we work.

Glimmer talks to the community to hear their needs and together we prioritize the construction projects for the village.

Glimmer collects video footage and photos of the existing situation and need.

We tell people like you about the village needs

You donate and fundraise for the villages that need help.

We send your donor dollars to the field to help build school, health, and water projects, and to help provide microfinance loans.

Our construction partners start the work. They survey each site and determine the best solution. They problem solve a lot.

Over the next 18-24 months, our partners work with our team of project managers to implement the work. They do what is needed to accomplish construction goals and address any unforeseen issues that arise. In the field, they do whatever it takes to get the work done.

We work in remote places, so it takes time to make these projects happen. During the construction process, donors will get a media update on the progress in the village.

When construction is complete, community members are trained on maintenance and sustainability so they can keep the project alive for years to come.

The project is complete!

Glimmer collects final video footage and photos of the village to send to donors.

Glimmer regularly checks in to be sure the projects still are meeting the needs of the village.