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Gonok Village

Perched in the beautiful mountains of the Tigray region in Northern Ethiopia, Gonok is home to nearly 3,000 residents.

With no water sources in the village, Gonok residents must travel daily through a deep gorge to a small stream far from home. The water they collect is dirty and contaminated with animal waste.

Tigray Region
located in the northernmost part of Ethiopia
The Area

Why We Chose Gonok

During our first visit to Gonok, Glimmer learned from the people here that the most pressing, immediate need is clean drinking water. Clean water close to home will help villagers stay healthier and allow children to spend more time in school.

We also saw that health care and education projects would greatly improve life in Gonok. When we first visited, health workers lacked a fully equipped health post with access to clean water and latrines. School children gathered under trees or in overcrowded classrooms with stick walls and dirt floors — conditions that hardly encouraged attendance. See our progress.

Village Life

On many of Glimmer's visits to Gonok, we have joined the women and girls on their early morning walk for water down at the bottom of a steep gorge. Incredibly, they make this 45-min journey multiple times per day. On one trip, a woman from the village asked Glimmer's Founder, Donna Berber, "Do your children have clean water?" — highlighting the stark contrast to her own family's daily life.

We have been moved by this incredible community of resilient people. Despite having to travel long distances for many basic needs, they are joyful, kind and always immensely welcoming.

Meet the People: Letish

Like other girls and women in Gonok, 14-year Letish travels twice a day into a deep gorge far from her home to collect dirty water for her family. It takes 45 minutes over rough terrain to reach the water source, and on the way back Letish must carry a full, 40-pound jerry can uphill. Not far upstream from where she collects water, livestock contaminate it with waste. This lengthy journey makes it hard for Letish to attend school full time, if at all. She and girls like her will benefit immensely from the massive water project Glimmer is building in Gonok. Keep track of our progress.

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Village Location

Situated in the Tigray region, Gonok is tucked amongst the gorgeous peaks of the Ethiopian Highlands. Given its location in the tail of the Tigray, Gonok is close to both the Amhara region to the east and the Afar region to the west.

Far off to the east are the famous Simien Mountains, while closer to the north is Tigray’s historic capital of Mek’ele. The peaks and valleys that make Gonok beautiful also make it a challenging place to live, with tough terrain to be traversed in all directions.

August 4, 2016

Despite Challenges, Gonok Finds a Way

We are so close to bringing clean water to Gonok thanks to the perseverance, creativity and commitment of the community and our local partners. Gonok is one of the most remote areas where Glimmer works, which creates unique... Continue Reading

September 16, 2015

A Community Under Construction

Glimmer recently caught up with our local construction partner in Gonok, the Relief Society of Tigray (REST), to check in on progress with the deep borehole water project. We know that community involvement builds ownership, and... Continue Reading

August 14, 2015

Gonok's Women Lend a Hand

As the deep borehole water project in Gonok progresses, women in the village are literally lending a hand, collecting rocks and digging trenches for the pipes that will distribute water to nine access points throughout the... Continue Reading

June 26, 2015

Clean Water Close by Will Change Their Lives

Meet Birhan. She is a representative of the Tabia Women's Affairs Council in Gonok and a mother of two. Her oldest attends fifth grade at Genti Primary School, which was constructed by Glimmer in 2011. Birhan currently makes the... Continue Reading

June 5, 2014

Our Shared Commitment

The long-term success of a big project like the deep borehole well in Gonok takes the support and dedication of more than just Glimmer staff and our skilled partners. Before we start construction, we ensure that all the... Continue Reading

May 15, 2014

A Special Visit to Gonok

The Berber family recently visited the people of Gonok and shared in the excitement of clean water coming soon to this village. “The beautiful community of Gonok welcomed us and shared their daily experience with our family.... Continue Reading

September 18, 2013

We Hit Water in Gonok!

The Glimmer team, our partners and the Gonok community gathered to witness the drilling for clean water. After careful planning and four days of preparation at the drill site, the crew successfully hit water deep below the... Continue Reading

Our work in Gonok

This year, Glimmer is finishing our work on a deep borehole well in Gonok that will provide water at mulitiple points across the entire village, including the village school and health post. This project is fully funded thanks to the support of many hundreds of donors!

We Met Our Goal!

The Glimmer community raised over $335,000 to build the deep borehole well in Gonok. The well and its community water points benefit more than 3,000 residents in the village.

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