Dube Bute Village

Settled deep in the green, rolling hills of southern Ethiopia, Dube Bute is a vibrant, rural community of more than 4,200 people. Though the village itself is spread widely across miles of hills and valleys, community members spend much of their time in the town center. Surrounded by dozens of huts and small mud buildings, the village center plays host to spontaneous sports matches, Saturday markets and town meetings. This is where the pulse of the community – its joy, laughter and camaraderie – can truly be felt.

Village Projects

  • 17 water projects
    8 hand dug wells, 9 spring protection developments
  • 3 school buildings
    & 1 library
    8 furnished classrooms, 2 latrines, furnishings for 4 existing classrooms
  • 1 health clinic & 1 vet clinic
    furnishings and equipment, latrines

Dube Bute Need

The people in Dube Bute lack many of life’s most basic necessities, including clean water, health care and proper schools. Waterborne disease is a common cause of illness in the community and treatment is often unavailable.

School children attend class in overcrowded mud buildings. Lack of space and inadequate furniture means that many spend the day sitting on the dirt floor trying to focus on lessons. In addition, students often miss school due to waterborne illness.

Dube Bute is a rural community, which relies heavily upon livestock for its livelihood. Yet they are at the mercy of nature when it comes to the health and wellness of their animals. Without veterinary services they are unable to seek treatment for sick or injured livestock. This puts their food source as well as their primary income source at great risk.

Emily’s Visit to Dube Bute | October 25, 2013

Recently, a group of our dedicated supporters of the projects in this village had a chance to visit and celebrate the newly completed projects. Watch this video of Emily sharing her experiences from this trip.

Glimmer's work continues in Dube Bute. We are currently building additional classrooms and a library, and are close to completing five more hand-dug wells that will provide fresh water across this community. 

Dube Bute’s New Vet Clinic | June 12, 2012

The Dube Bute Vet Clinic is critical to local farmers. Learn more in this video where we interview a woman who raises cattle in the community. Already, the new vet clinic has allowed her to treat a sick horse and vaccinate her cows, which she relies on for her livelihood and calls “the pillar of her life.” 

Water, Schools and Health Care | April 30, 2012

We are happy to announce that the Dube Bute village now has clean water, new school buildings and vastly improved access to health care. In addition, this remote community now has improved roads and a new bridge into town, which increases access to the main road – an important element in growing the local economy. With so many new projects in place, Dube Bute is thriving!


There are now 12 sources of clean water throughout the community, including three new wells and nine springs that have been tapped to store and distribute clean water across the village. With an additional five wells still under construction, even more of the Dube Bute community will have access to clean water. One project is located on the school grounds and is providing students with clean water throughout the school day for the first time.


Dube Bute’s old mud schools have been replaced by eight brand new classrooms that provide a clean, well-lit learning environment. New desks in the classrooms mean that students will no longer have to sit huddled on mud floors.

Health Care 

In addition to constructing a new health post that is improving health care delivery in Dube Bute, Glimmer renovated the old health post into living quarters for the village’s health extension workers.  We also built a brand new vet clinic. Since many families here depend on their animals for survival, this clinic will provide much-needed vaccines and treatment for livestock. 

Watch this video and see all the completed projects that are changing life for the residents of Dube Bute!

Signs of Progress | July 24, 2011

It has been seven months since construction began in Dube Bute and we have exciting news to share! Construction is well underway on the health post, vet clinic, schools, wells and access bridge. The bridge will increase both the community’s access to the main road and business with neighboring communities. We are closer than ever to bringing great change to this village!

As you can see in the video, the landscape is already changing dramatically as our new projects begin to take shape all around the village. All of it — every water point, every classroom and every smile of hope for the future — is because of our dedicated donors. A big thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for this deserving community!

Our Work Begins in Dube Bute | January 1, 2011

After assessing the great need in Dube Bute, Glimmer is happy to announce that we are beginning work in this rural community. In the coming months, we will start work on water projects, schools, a new health post and a vet clinic.

Click on the slideshow to see some of the children in Dube Bute who will benefit from these projects.