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Dube Bute Village

Spread across miles of hills and valleys in southern Ethiopia, Dube Bute is home to 4,200 people. Community gatherings and Saturday markets take place in the bustling village center, a place where the joy and camaraderie of Dube Bute can truly be felt.

Southern Region
located in the southwest corner of Ethiopia
Village Life
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Life in Dube Bute

Settled deep in the green, rolling hills of southern Ethiopia, Dube Bute is a vibrant, rural community. Though the village itself is spread widely across miles of hills and valleys, community members spend much of their time in the town center. Surrounded by dozens of huts and small mud buildings, the village center plays host to spontaneous sports matches, Saturday markets and town meetings.

This community relies heavily upon livestock as a primary source of food and income.

Why We Chose Dube Bute

When we first visited Dube Bute, we found a rural community that lacked many of life’s most basic necessities, including clean water sources, adequate health care and schools. 

For a village that relies heavily upon livestock for its livelihood, the lack of clean water and veterinary services put villagers’ food source and primary income source at great risk.

Dube Bute also needed new schools. Students sat huddled on mud floors in dark structures, making learning difficult. See our progress.

October 25, 2013

Emily’s Visit to Dube Bute

Recently, a group of our dedicated supporters of the projects in this village had a chance to visit and celebrate the newly completed projects. Watch this video of Emily sharing her experiences from this trip. Glimmer's work... Continue Reading

June 12, 2012

Dube Bute’s New Vet Clinic

The Dube Bute Vet Clinic is critical to local farmers. Learn more in this video where we interview a woman who raises cattle in the community. Already, the new vet clinic has allowed her to treat a sick horse and vaccinate her... Continue Reading

April 30, 2012

Water, Schools and Health Care

We are happy to announce that the Dube Bute village now has clean water, new school buildings and vastly improved access to health care. In addition, this remote community now has improved roads and a new bridge into town, which... Continue Reading

July 24, 2011

Signs of Progress

It has been seven months since construction began in Dube Bute and we have exciting news to share! Construction is well underway on the health post, vet clinic, schools, wells and access bridge. The bridge will increase both the... Continue Reading

January 1, 2011

Our Work Begins in Dube Bute

After assessing the great need in Dube Bute, Glimmer is happy to announce that we are beginning work in this rural community. In the coming months, we will start work on water projects, schools, a new health post and a vet... Continue Reading

Savannah's Snow Cone Stand For Ethiopia

For kids all across America, snow cone stands are a fun way to make a little extra spending money in the summer. But for Savannah Thorne, the snow cone stand that she operates on the beach outside her California home is not just... Continue Reading


Glimmer is grateful to the Alexander family for their commitment to Dube Bute Village! Generous donations from supporters like you have helped bring new hope to this community.

To learn how Glimmer lifts women and children out of extreme poverty in Ethiopia, explore more villages where we work.

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