Chuko Weyama Village

Lush overgrowth and thickets of banana trees lend a tropical feel to this town of just over 2,200 people. The small community feels like a large family, as children play and adults work and chat outside village huts.

Village Projects

  • 1 deep borehole
    2 reservoirs,
    10 distribution points with faucets, 1 guard house, pipeline.

Chuko Weyama Need

It is surprising to look at the village of Chuko, nestled among lush greenery in Southern Ethiopia, and think that water could be its greatest need. But it is true. Above all else, the people of Chuko need clean, safe water. In this beautiful green village that thousands of people call home, waterborne diseases are a constant threat. Though springs and creeks exist among the dense banana trees, they are contaminated and do not provide sufficient water for meet the community’s basic needs. Women and children are forced to walk long distances among the shrubbery to find other sources of water. Even then, this water often makes them very sick.

Clean Water in Chuko! | September 9, 2013

Clean water is flowing in Chuko! Four community water points are already providing this village with access to clean water for the first time. And we’re not done yet.  Right now, we are building a second reservoir and six additional water points to serve this community.

With clean water close to home, life is changing for the people of Chuko. See their smiling faces in this video.

Construction Is Underway | October 29, 2012

The people of Chuko are closer than ever to having clean water! Glimmer supporters recently visited the project to see the progress. Check out this video for a first-hand look at how this project is unfolding.

Drilling in Chuko | December 2, 2011

The drilling in Chuko was a huge success! Once we reached the water table, we learned that the volume of available water was nearly double what we were expecting. This is great news because it means we can expand the scope of this project from four community water points to a total of 10. Soon the people of Chuko will have access to fresh, clean water across their community!

Next, we will build a reservoir to store the water, and start construction on the first four water points.

View these photos and see the groundwater shoot high into the air!

Hope for Chuko | January 21, 2011

Glimmer is taking on an ambitious project to bring clean water to the people of Chuko!

When one of Glimmer’s dedicated supporters learned about the great need in Chuko, she took on the challenge to support this important project. We are immensely grateful to our supporters for their commitment.