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Lives Saved During the Drought ( Jun 28, 2016 )

Glimmer provided emergency relief during the worst of the drought.

Ethiopia Drought Now at a Critical Point ( Feb 3, 2016 )

Glimmer Doubles Efforts to Provide Food

Drought Crisis in Ethiopia ( Nov 6, 2015 )

Glimmer Commits $250,000 to Emergency Response

Austin nonprofit receives $7M from IKEA Foundation ( Austin Business Journal | Oct 23, 2015 )
IKEA Foundation Awards $7 Million to A Glimmer of Hope ( Oct 21, 2015 )

New partnership will deepen Glimmer’s impact in fight against poverty.

Interviews with Influential Women: Donna Berber ( May 19, 2015 )

Donna Berber, founder and president of A Glimmer of Hope, was recently interviewed as part of a series of interviews with influential women by Amy Beilharz, an author and entrepreneur whose mission is to empower women worldwide.

A Glimmer of Hope Supports Ebola Response ( Nov 6, 2014 )

In response to the Ebola outbreak, A Glimmer of Hope donated $250,000 from the organization’s private endowment to Doctors Without Borders.

Austin humanitarian nonprofit founder moves into president's slot ( Austin Business Journal | Aug 5, 2014 )

Donna Berber, founder of Austin nonprofit A Glimmer of Hope, has taken over as the organization's president.

A Glimmer of Hope founder steps into new leadership role ( Aug 4, 2014 )

We are pleased to announce that Donna Berber will take on the position of president of Glimmer.

A Glimmer of Hope: Area couple works to impart change throughout Ethiopia and Austin ( Community Impact Newspaper | Feb 12, 2014 )

After hearing about the Ethiopian famine in the 1980s, Donna Berber said she was shaken to the core. After moving to Austin with her husband, Philip, the couple decided to make a difference and founded A Glimmer of Hope in 2000.

A Glimmer of Hope: $5 million spent on Austin grass-roots charity projects, another $5 million to come ( Austin American-Statesman | Mar 27, 2013 )

Two years ago, the Austin Harmony Project was a fledgling nonprofit without the money or know-how to grow its arts program for adults with intellectual disabilities. Then it hooked up with A Glimmer of Hope.

Nowadays, Austin helps the world ( Austin American-Statesman | Sep 28, 2012 )

A Glimmer of Hope featured in an article about local Austin-based nonprofits dedicated to international charity work. The 12 organizations featured in this column have contributed more than $330 million to overseas projects.

Rachel Beckwith legacy: Mom to see wells in Africa built in daughter's memory ( Huffington Post | Jul 23, 2012 )

Our partner charity: water traveled to Ethiopia to bring Rachel Beckwith’s Mom to see the many wells built in memory of her daughter. Rachel’s campaign raised over $1.2M enabling A Glimmer of Hope to provide clean water for more than 60,000 people.

Hope springs in Ethiopia ( Milkshake | Feb 23, 2012 )

One of our favorite newsletters, the Daily Milkshake, highlights A Glimmer of Hope and our commitment to end poverty in Ethiopia.

Internet entrepreneur giving back after striking gold ( The Irish Times | Dec 9, 2011 )

Philip Berber interviewed by one of his hometown newspapers about his success as a businessman and a social entrepreneur.

Donna Berber - Austin Woman Magazine ( Austin Woman Magazine | Dec 1, 2011 )

Donna Berber highlighted by Austin Woman Magazine for her work in Ethiopia and the inspiration behind A Glimmer of Hope. 

Texas non-profits aid African famine victims ( KUT | Aug 3, 2011 )

Coverage of the drought that affected Ethiopia in August 2011 and Glimmer’s work with other nonprofits to raise funds to provide to relief.  

5 ways adoptive families give back to Ethiopia ( Adoption Today | Jun 1, 2011 )

A highlight of five families who have adopted children from Ethiopia and funded projects in Ethiopia or started a fundraising campaign through A Glimmer of Hope. 

The new age of philanthropy: How billionaires are giving back ( DailyFinance | Mar 26, 2011 )

Philip and Donna Berber are featured as one of five most generous philanthropists in the United States.

The 25 best givers ( Barron's Magazine | Dec 6, 2010 )

A Glimmer of Hope ranks in at #7 in Barron Magazine’s 25 Best Givers in 2010, alongside Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Edward Norton, and 21 others.

Capitalist crusaders ( New York Times Magazine | Dec 5, 2010 )

A detailed article solely profiling the Berbers story and how A Glimmer of Hope came to be.  “‘One hundred percent of the money, not 50 or 80 percent, needed to get to the people,’ says Philip, comparing Glimmer’s business model with that of other charities. ‘We had to start with a clean piece of paper.’”

A Glimmer of Hope in Ethiopia: Interview with Eric Schmidhauser ( Tadias | Mar 8, 2010 )

Interview with Glimmer staff on his commitment to the people of Ethiopia.

Glimmer's growing profile ( The Statesman | Jan 30, 2010 )

This article details the launch, growth, and successes of Glimmer since its founding.

The 25 best givers 2009 ( Barron's Magazine | Nov 30, 2009 )

A Glimmer of Hope ranks #6 in Barron's 25 Best Givers of 2009, alongside Bill & Melinda Gates, Richard Branson, John Wood, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Carter and 19 others.