Have you ever felt trapped by one small thing you could not change? In Marie’s case it was a mere $35 a month that shackled him to repeat his family’s cycle of poverty... more
12-year-old Yorda’s name means “a place like a beautiful river,” and she has the most infectious laughter. She is thrilled to be entering the 9th grade this year... more
Abate lives with his mother, father, grandmother and four sisters in Girargie village. Everyday, he helps his family take care of their crops and animals... more
When asked about which school she prefers, the new or the old, Yeshalm’s response is immediate: “this one!” Now in 5th Grade... more
Like many of us experienced, 16-year-old Danochew has high expectations on his first day of 9th grade... more
Solomon is shy, at first. In a quiet voice he states his age – 15 – and his current grade in school – 5. He sits in a classroom with other students... more
At first, Yalew looks down and shyly lets some of his older classmates speak for him. When he states someday he hopes to become a driver... more
With eyes downcast, 22-year-old Esseye quietly tells us she was forced to drop out of 9th grade 8 years ago. That was when most girls... more
Two years ago, 13-year-old Amareh had to drop out of school to help her family take care of their cattle. Amareh quietly looks down... more
Before the sun peeks above the Ethiopian landscape, while it’s dark outside and there’s no light to guide his footsteps, Fentahun prepares to head to school... more

Photography by Light The World:

Kelsi Williamson, Austin Mann, Alice Lee, Amanda Phillips, Brittany Roark, Thomas Heaslip, Jessica Dooley, Groom Asefa, Paul Tornaquindici