The WEDDING of Bob Jones and Susan Thompson

raised of $2,500 needed

Chuko Weyama

Outman's Dig Deep

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Susan and I have been blessed over the years and have everything we need.  We do not want to appear presumptuous but understand some friends and family may wish to give a gift in recognition of our marriage.

This being said, in lieu of gifts, if you so choose, your donation to a clean water project, "DIG DEEP" in Ethiopia would honor us greatly.

Bob's niece, Michelle Outman  and her family are working with Glimmer to help bring clean water and sanitation to the people of Chuko Weyama, Ethiopia.  They adopted twin boys from this area and saw first hand the desperate need for clean water in this village in Ethiopia.  You can read their story below . . .

A Glimmer of Hope helps lifts women and children out of extreme poverty in rural Ethiopia. Using an entrepreneurial model it provides clean water, schools, health clinics and micro-finance loans, one village at a time. 100% of all donations go directly to funding these projects. Glimmer’s endowment covers all its operating expenses and even replaces credit card transaction fees. Every dollar donated through Glimmer reaches the people in need. Over the last 10 years, Glimmer has completed more than 5000 projects and improved 2.4 million lives.

The Outman's story

Our Campaign to Raise funds to develop Water and Sanitation for the village of Chuko Weyama. It is estimated that 1.1 billion people in the world do not have access to safe, clean water.

When our family traveled to Ethiopia to adopt Phelix and Phisher God changed our lives and our hearts forever. With our own eyes we saw the desperate need for life's basic necessities: food, clothing, shelter, loving parents and WATER! We watched as animals drank and stood in the same water the people drank from. Think about the disease in water where animals stand, use the restroom in and walk around in. It is not okay with us that the people in Ethiopia do not have safe, clean water. We were excited to reconnect with the Neal family at Kanakuk Kamp this summer. They shared with us their plan to bring water to the village where one of their adopted sons was born. We are excited to partner with them and humbled that the Lord would allow us to serve Him in this way. All of us at DIG DEEP know we can not accomplish this project ourselves. We are praying and depending on our Lord and Savior for every penny it takes to bring clean water to the rural, southern village of Chuko, Ethiopia. Would you prayerfully consider how you and your family can support DIG DEEP and further HIS kingdom in Ethiopia, Africa?

A Glimmer of Hope lifts women and children out of extreme poverty in rural Ethiopia. Using an entrepreneurial model developed by the organization, it provides clean water, schools, health clinics and microfinance loans. 100% of all donations go directly to funding these projects, more than 4,000 to date. Over the last 10 years, A Glimmer of Hope has improved 2.5 million lives. Through photos, video and GPS coordinates, donors personally experience how their contributions, large and small, are changing lives. By supporting our campaign, you can choose to receive email updates throughout the year on the project we complete together and the lives touched by it. A Glimmer of Hope listens to and partners with communities to build and maintain projects, ensuring sustainability. Recently, founders Donna and Philip Berber were ranked #6 globally on Barron's list of The Best 25 Givers, based on effectiveness and impact. We greatly appreciate your support of our campaign. On behalf of those who lives are forever transformed by your generosity, thank you.


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Michelle Outman
Campaign Activity
Someone donated $15 and said, "Hope you reach your goal"
Zachary & Caitlin donated $50 and said, "Congratulations!!! We both wish you a life full of happiness. You both are the nicest people and make such an awesome couple. We hope that this will help with donations. We think this is just the coolest idea."
Marcelino Frasquillo donated $40
Debra Wyatt donated $25
Karen Morris and DeeDee Bouroff donated $80 and said, "Best wishes, now and always!"
Clay & Anne DeStefano donated $50
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Duffy and family donated $500 and said, "We wish the bride and groom many blessing in their future together! May your generous spirt continue to inspire those around you."
The Jones Family donated $100 and said, "God Bless You and Your Future!"
Andrew and Sheila Zamora donated $50
R.C. & Angie Jeffers donated $50 and said, "Best wishes and much happiness"
Billy and Lynn Myers donated $20 and said, "Congratulations Sis. Luv ya!"
The Outman family donated $100 and said, "May God bless your life together. Thank you for helping to improve the quality of life of those in Chuko with the gift of clean water. For His glory!"
Steve Marquez donated $50 and said, "God Bless Bob and Susan's Life together."
Jet and David Jamison donated $100
Pamela and Phillip Benn donated $150
John & Deb Mayes donated $100 and said, "Bob / Suan: Sounds like a great cause. We can help a little."
Ruby Barefield donated $50 and said, "Congratulations to you both! I love you! Mama"
Herb donated $100 and said, "Best wishes to you both!"
Susan and Bob donated $400 and said, "God bless all of you who have worked so hard and long over the years to make a difference to the people of Ethiopia."

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