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In the fall of 2010 we spoke to A Glimmer of Hope about our interest in helping another Ethiopian community get access to clean water, and that's how our campaign in Tercha got started.  In the fall of 2011 we could happily share with friends and family that we had reached our fundraising goal and helped fund three new wells in Tercha Town.  We would like to thank everyone who helped us raise +$15,000 over the past 12 months. Very soon we will send you a new update from Tercha with photos of the wells.

Ethiopia is a big country and the need is great. In the coming weeks we will be sharing with you the details of our new fundraising campaign for Senale and Seglamen in the north of Ethiopia. Please stay tuned for more information and remember that 100% of all donations to the Water is Life campaigns are used to build water wells for some of the world's poorest in rural Ethiopia.

We collaborate with A Glimmer of Hope because we have seen first hand the wonderful work they are doing in Ethiopia and they have been recommended to us by our Ethiopian friends. AGOH also cover all overhead costs so that every dollar we give goes directly to the projects we sponsor and the people in greatest need. 

With Love and Many Thanks,

Johanna & Joan




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Campaign Activity

Deb donated $100 and said, "Thanks for all of the great work you are doing to help so many people!"
Johanna Thornblad donated $1,812 and said, "Contributions from Sweden"
Fundación Netri donated $2,682.42 and said, "Contributions from Spain"
Adam Alice Gabriel Sara donated $40
Johanna, Joan and Dawit donated $50 and said, "In honor of Lorna and Paul on their Wedding Day, September 3, 2011"
Ake Karlsson donated $100 and said, "Our best wishes to you Johanna and family and those you are supporting."
Kathryn Shedrick donated $50 and said, "We love you guys and are so proud of your efforts with Water is Life. We give our gift in honor of Dawit and your next lucky child."
Frank Holmes, U.S. Global Investors, Inc. donated $1,000
Cousin Lisa & Anders donated $100 and said, ":)"
Jose donated $200
Nicolas & Maria donated $100 and said, "Water is Life is a fabulous initiative and we are very pleased to contribute! Nicolas"
Martina Stenvall donated $150 and said, "Love from Huskvarna, Sweden"
Tedone's donated $500 and said, "Love from Barcelona"
Someone donated $200
Anne Knif donated $50 and said, "Jag uppskattar verkligen ditt vardefulla arbete i Etiopien. En stor kram!"
PEONY HERRERA SY donated $50
Someone donated $200
Pia Hankö donated $100 and said, "Not so much, but at least a help to achieve the amount you are looking for."
Annika Tingstrom donated $50 and said, "From Barcelona with love"
Someone donated $20 and said, "water and love for AFRECA"
Fundación Netri donated $743.50 and said, "contributions from Spain"
A Piece of Pie donated $5,000 and said, "The best innovation is born from collaboration and a commitment to bring value."
In honor of Cynthia Martinez and in memory of Teresa Lopez Murray donated $200 and said, "We are making this contribution in honor of Cynthia Martinez and in memory of Teresa Lopez Murray"
Gabi Hans donated $300
Jon Bonanno donated $100 and said, "We love you Johanna, Joan and Dawit! Keep up the good work. Kat, Jon, Thea and Letse."
Fundación Netri donated $343.92
Johanna and Joan donated $5,000
Carina Sokalski donated $200 and said, "Your work is amazing, Johanna and Joan! It was wonderful to read about how much your 2009 campaign helped the community in Ethiopia. -Carina"

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