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Dear Family and Friends

We are working with Glimmer of Hope to improve the lives of the people of Tercha, Ethiopia.

Paul and I had the incredible opportunity to visit Tercha in May. Our daughter, Dolly, was born in Tercha and we wanted to see her hometown and the places she and her birth mother had lived during their time there, as well as visit the orphanage that cared for Dolly when her mother was no longer able to. 

Tercha is located in a very beautiful, green area in southwestern Ethiopia. We met many generous and kind individuals, and enjoyed our time there immensely. However, Tercha is also a very poor and remote town. Just to get there from the capital of Addis Ababa was a daunting and complicated undertaking. Citizens of Tercha have limited access to clean water, medical services and education. We can't think of a greater gift for Dolly than one that helps the community that cared for her when she was so vulnerable. 

Thank you so, so much for all the love and support you have given us during the adoption process. It has meant more than you know



Paul, Emma and Dolly

P.S. To see pictures of our trip to Tercha, see https://picasaweb.google.com/clevergretchen/TripToTercha?authkey=Gv1sRgCO-5udr73MOKhwE#

A Glimmer of Hope helps lifts women and children out of extreme poverty in rural Ethiopia. Using an entrepreneurial model it provides clean water, schools, health clinics and micro-finance loans, one village at a time. 100% of all donations go directly to funding these projects. Glimmer’s endowment covers all its operating expenses and even replaces credit card transaction fees. Every dollar donated through Glimmer reaches the people in need. Over the last 10 years, Glimmer has completed more than 5000 projects and improved 2.4 million lives.

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Lahari Samineni donated $25 and said, "Happy Birthday Dolly!"
Buyo Family donated $25 and said, "Happy Birthday Dolly love Nima Kaur Buyo"
Alicia and Garrett donated $25 and said, "Happy Birthday, Dolly!"
Mark, Sara, and Lucy Whelan donated $30 and said, "Happy Birthday Dolly!"
Erin and Mike Harnisch donated $25 and said, "Happy 1st Birthday Dolly!"
The Riccas donated $20 and said, "God bless the people of Tercha."
The Furmaneks donated $50 and said, "Glad to help the cause."
Kevin and Leah donated $50 and said, "So thankful for your experience in Tercha and all the angels who cared for your daughter, Dolly."
Stouts donated $15 and said, "Welcome, Dolly"
Lori & Marcos donated $50 and said, "What a great cause!!"
Denise & Chris Simek donated $10 and said, "Glad to be helping."
Someone donated $5