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Robit Village

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We're getting married!!! :)

And we want to commemorate this happy time in our lives by asking all our loved ones to help us spread the gift of education.

We are teaming up with Glimmer of Hope Foundation ( and You to build a library in Robit Village, Ethiopia (less than an hour south of Gondar, see a video here

A document with all the details about the integrated development plan for Robit Village and its surrounding area is available at this link:

Glimmer of Hope is leading the project that will bring an improved school system, library, health center, credit institution and clean drinking water to Robit. Glimmer has local partners to implement the project. A pair of donors have already committed $250,000 to start construction of a new school system beginning this October. We have volunteered to raise $60,000 for the library. In November Glimmer will host a Let There Be Hope event to raise funds for the broader initiative.

We hope you share our passion for giving those less fortunate than ourselves the tools to build a better future for themselves. And as we embark on our bright new future together, nothing will make us happier than to have your help in building this library for the kids of Robit.

Thank you for visiting our fundraising site.

Special Thanks to all our loved ones in the UK who helped us raise £6040.00 (£7135.79 including Gift Aid):

Anonymous                                            £40.00      05/01/2011

Vivien Thomas                                       £50.00      19/12/2010

John And Jean                                        £500.00    10/12/2010

Anne and Stuart                                     £50.00      01/12/2010

Helen & Ian                                             £100.00    30/11/2010

Helen and Ben Harrison                       £100.00    30/11/2010

Sarah and Pete                                       £100.00    29/11/2010

Philip & Judy                                           £100.00    28/11/2010

Mark & Leslie                                         £100.00    25/11/2010

Tom, Judy and David                            £120.00    23/11/2010

Jermaine                                                 £75.00      22/11/2010

david and linda walker                         £50.00      19/11/2010

MiRan & Sucheet                                   £150.00    19/11/2010

Lucy & Rory                                            £30.00      18/11/2010

Mary & Gerry                                         £50.00      18/11/2010

Claire and Ian                                         £50.00      18/11/2010

Laura                                                        £25.00      17/11/2010

Nic Swatters                                           £20.00      16/11/2010

Min & Rufus                                            £100.00    14/11/2010

Simon and Emma                                  £50.00      13/11/2010

Andy H-Jones and Becky                      £40.00      13/11/2010

Matt & Johnny                                       £50.00      12/11/2010

Alan and Charity                                    £250.00    11/11/2010

Lynette                                                    £40.00      06/11/2010

Anonymous                                            £100.00    04/11/2010

Stacy                                                        £25.00      01/11/2010

Leila Samara                                           £20.00      29/10/2010

Jeff Egee                                                 £200.00    28/10/2010

Lesley and gordon Smith                     £100.00    27/10/2010

Matt Johnson + Emma Cleveland      £50.00      27/10/2010

Helen G                                                    £50.00      26/10/2010

Carl                                                           £150.00    25/10/2010

David and Angela Rix                            £100.00    20/10/2010

Kabey & Terengo                                   £50.00      19/10/2010

Tan and Christina                                  £150.00    13/10/2010

Hannah & Jonathan                              £50.00      12/10/2010

Anonymous                                            £50.00      12/10/2010

Ben & Alex                                              £50.00      09/10/2010

Pete and Chris Johnson                        £100.00    03/10/2010

Richard & Anne Cowser                       £100.00    21/09/2010

Sally and Paul Lake                                £100.00    20/09/2010

Sarah + Begna                                        £200.00    10/09/2010


Special Thanks to Alan Lock for running the LA Marathon and his friends for offline donations of $1,305:

Andrew Rose $50.00
Nidhi Teerdhala $50.00 Good luck guys!
Rohan Reddy $50.00 Way to go guys!
Henry Shelford $50.00 Good luck !
Wendy Walker $25.00 Go, Alan, go!
Judy Chang $50.00 you can do it! =)
Levi Goertz $50.00 Go Alan!
Michael H Dansbury $50.00 This is whats up..
Francois $50.00 yeah guys, pull the throttle !
Esther Paez $100.00 I am very proud of you...... Good luck!!
joanne lock $30.00 good luck in all you do - from little sis joey
mum and dad lock $150.00 You are brilliant-we are behind you every step of the way. Nice to meet you Begna
Shan Park $50.00
Chris Grapes $50.00 This is awesome guys!!!! So inspiring =)
Earl Dos Santos $50.00 You're both inspiring!
Robbie Horwitz $50.00 Awesome... Good luck!
Tom LeSaffre $50.00
Katie Hoisington $50.00 Go!
Megan Rast $50.00 I'm so proud of my Oskis! I also agree w/Hallie - Alan = Glimmer of Hope!
Kevin Hart $50.00 Best of luck, I think its awesome what you're doing!
Hallie Marshall $100.00 YOU are a glimmer of hope!
Christa Stephens $50.00 Good luck!
Begna Gebreyes $50.00 Alan, you're a legend!

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Campaign Activity

Aisling donated $30 and said, "Better late than never, I hope! Well done you guys...great cause."
Enshar Mohammed donated $700 and said, "I wish I could have been there with you guys. Praying for many happy years for you together."
Abebech & Temesgen Gobena donated $100 and said, "Great celebration. Wishing you may happy years together."
Almaz Tsegaye & Tesfaye Asfaw donated $100 and said, "Congrats. Great seeing you in August."
Mary Israel & Tsegaye Beyene donated $100 and said, "Congratulations!"
Alan and Mimi Tom donated $150 and said, "BG and Sarah - many congrats on your wedding!"
Elsa & family donated $100 and said, "Congratulations! We are so happy for you."
Birhan Tekabe donated $50 and said, "To be used for library construction"
Marcello Isaac donated $200 and said, "Congratulations! We are so happy for you..."
Sam and Chandra Snyder donated $150 and said, "A great cause, and we're so happy for the both of you!"
Dan Berger donated $100 and said, "Great work Begna. I wish you and Sarah the best!"
Abebe Worku donated $200 and said, "Great admiration for the choice of commitment you made. Best wishes to both of yoy and long live Ethiopia."
John and Rebecca donated $200 and said, "Wish you both all the best! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!"
Toby and Shahirah donated $150 and said, "A wonderful cause from a wonderful couple. Lots of love, Toby and Shahirah xxx"
Someone donated $50 and said, "Joy is found in giving .. Prov. 15:23"
Tom and Gail Myers donated $100 and said, "Wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness"
Natasha Taylor donated $100 and said, "Congratulations! This is a wonderful gift that you guys are bestowing - I look forward to seeing you soon!"
Dawit and Abenet Teklu donated $100 and said, "Great Job and Congratulations"
aster and beshawred donated $100 and said, "all the best"
Someone donated $500 and said, "Congraulations, and God Bless you for your kind effort to this noble cause"
Ty Ararso & Assefash Chaka donated $100
Gita and David donated $250 and said, "A belated congratulations. We wish you the best in life, wherever it takes you."
Someone donated $50 and said, "Congratulations Begnish & Sara !! and this donation thing is heavenly."
Mama Teru and Family. donated $250 and said, "Congradulations and best of luck... Your wedding gift will bear fruits that we all aspire to give.. May the Lord give you blessings as you have chosen to give."
George and Charlin Lai donated $100 and said, "Congratulations you two and what a wonderful cause"
Jeffrey Heimann donated $40 and said, "Congratulations on your engagement - this is a wonderful way to celebrate it!"
Yeshiareg Desta & Bekele Tamirat donated $100
Jeffrey Heimann donated $40 and said, "Congratulations on your engagement - this is a wonderful way to celebrate it!"
Gabriel and Heidi Gizaw donated $100 and said, "Congratulations on your wedding and we wish you many blessing on your new life together and on this wonderful project!"
Tirsit & Mersie donated $100 and said, "Congratulations. What a noble idea to celebrate your engagement. May the Almighty God guide your future."
Olufemi Lalude donated $500 and said, "A truly laudable project. We pray for your outstanding success."
Jeffrey Heimann donated $40 and said, "Congratulations on your engagement - this is a wonderful way to celebrate it!"
Merron Seifu donated $50 and said, "Excellent idea. God Bless You,"
Someone donated $200 and said, "A noble idea to support those in need."
Jeffrey Heimann donated $40 and said, "Congratulations on your engagement - this is a wonderful way to celebrate it!"
Link Ethiopia donated $11,290.90
Clark C.A.R.E.S. Foundation donated $2,000
James Rogan donated $250 and said, "Congratulations. Sarah and James"
Jeffrey Heimann donated $40 and said, "Congratulations on your engagement - this is a wonderful way to celebrate it!"
Jeffrey Heimann donated $40 and said, "Congratulations on your engagement - this is a wonderful way to celebrate it!"
Jeffrey Heimann donated $40 and said, "Congratulations on your engagement - this is a wonderful way to celebrate it!"
Patricia Lewis donated $300 and said, "Congratulations! What a great cause. I wish you all the best."
Zewdie Wondimagegnehu donated $500 and said, "Way to pay it forward guys! Congrats on your union! You are off to a great start. Look forward to seeing you guys again soon! Love, -Zewdie"
Kurt Knuppel donated $350
Jason Dolan donated $50 and said, "congrats!"
Nina Shaw donated $2,000 and said, "Congratulations from the Little, Shaw and Perry families."
Jeffrey Heimann donated $40 and said, "Congratulations on your engagement - this is a wonderful way to celebrate it!"
Jackson J Lum donated $300 and said, "Congratulations guys. All the best - see you in a couple weeks."
Someone donated $40 and said, "Congratulations, Begna and Sarah!"
Matthew Byrne donated $100 and said, "What you guys are doing is fantastic, a really generous act. May both of your lives continue to be warmed by generosity in the years ahead!"
Someone donated $200
Someone donated $500 and said, "What a wonderful idea! We wish you a long and happy life together. Love, Yemi & Tsega"
Jeffrey Heimann donated $40 and said, "Congratulations on your engagement - this is a wonderful way to celebrate it!"
Someone donated $200 and said, "Generosity and compassion--these are ladles in love's kitchen and your devotion to this beautiful cause feeds us all. Thank you, Sarah and Begna. Wishing you miles and miles of happiness."
Brandon Pae donated $50 and said, "You guys are awesome!"
Someone donated $150 and said, "We love you both!"
Boris Okuliar donated $150 and said, "All the best!"
Chad Milner donated $75 and said, "Congratulations Begna! Great idea and with the library as well, thanks for getting us all connected."
Jaja Jackson donated $25 and said, "Such a great thing to do. Great."
Cynthia Pyun donated $50 and said, "Congratulations on the engagement and best of luck on reaching such a worthy goal!"
Jennifer Wagner donated $50 and said, "Josh and Jennifer Rudnick wish you the best of days. Life is beautiful."
Abrehet Abdu donated $50 and said, "Good Luck"
Norberto Guimaraes donated $50 and said, "I wish you all the best!"
Levi Goertz donated $50 and said, "Have a great wedding Begna & Sarah! Great idea on this project."
Joseph Yang donated $100 and said, "Congratulations! This is a great idea!"
Someone donated $100
Tamar Tashjian donated $50 and said, "I'm so inspired by you!"
Kyle Early donated $50 and said, "You and Sarah are saints."
John Robuck donated $100 and said, "Congrats! 1:1 matching from my employer should hit in Jan"
Jason Late donated $25 and said, "Come on Begna!"
Someone donated $50
William Wright donated $100 and said, "Begna - beautiful!"
Laurentiu Diaconu donated $200 and said, "All the best, Sarah & Begna!"
Alain Pyree donated $50 and said, "Congratulations Sarah and Begna ! We wish you all the best !"
Danielle Kayembe donated $100 and said, "So inspiring and thoughtful, best of luck to you two!"
Leroy Kennedy donated $50 and said, "Congratulations on the pending nuptials and working for a good cause!"
Ryan Chin donated $100 and said, "Good luck on your new life together"
Isai Gopalakrishnan donated $150 and said, "Congratulations! Very Inspiring!"
Cynthia Robinson donated $100 and said, "Congratulations and best of luck to you in your marriage and this important endeavor."
Jason Bond donated $50 and said, "Congratulations and keep up the good work!"
Someone donated $50 and said, "I have friends coming back from Ethiopia and telling me what a nice country it is. I liked your video too. I wish you the best of luck with the project. What are you planning to do if you don't reach your fundraising target? Buy books? Keep me posted"
Brian Corbett donated $50 and said, "May God Bless Your Union! I am very happy for you both and hope to see you at reception in DC."
Firstgiving donated $1,160.87
Jeffrey Heimann donated $40 and said, "Congratulations on your engagement - this is a wonderful way to celebrate it!"
Jason Fuqua donated $200 and said, "Congratulations Begna and Sarah"
William Walsh donated $250
Andrew Tulchin donated $50 and said, "Congrats on your nuptials and great wedding gift"
Dorika Mamboleo donated $250 and said, "Congralations Begna and Sarah! What a worthy cause! Thank you for including us. Hugs, Dorika and Justin"
Geresu Balcha donated $75 and said, "congratulation Begna and Sarah. It is a marvellous idea !"
Begna Gebreyes donated $300 and said, "Together we can do this :)"

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