Lindy's well project

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Villages of Gondar

The Miracle Well

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Dear Friends,

I’m working with A Glimmer of Hope to transform lives in Ethiopia. You can help!

As you know I have an amazing granddaughter  who was born in Ethiopia. This year our family is celebrating the 5th year that she has been a part of our family. Our granddaughters chose this well project to celebrate this anniversary. In this area of Ethiopia, people have to walk far to reach water and carry it back for all their needs. A well would provide clean water.

Please donate to my campaign, today — 100% of funds raised go to projects that help the people of Ethiopia — so every bit helps.

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Campaign Activity

Laura and Frank Whitcomb donated $50 and said, "So great that your granddaughters are doing this!"
Marcia and Dave donated $250 and said, "So happy to support our Sebla and the Miracle Family for such a worthy cause"
Gail and Gates donated $50 and said, "What a great cause and a wonderful way to celebrate Sebla!"
Norman and Inez donated $100 and said, "Your family is amazing, all the wonderful things they do to make this world a better place!"
Eileen and Noah Borenstein donated $50 and said, "What a wonderful celebration to have-and a dynamite way to celebrate. The children are amazing."
jack & sandy donated $35 and said, "the least we can do."
Tori Rubbo donated $50
Barbara and Ed Ott donated $100 and said, "Good luck with your campaign!"
Patti & Ken Mohr donated $50
Carol Schmitt donated $50
Jenny and John donated $100 and said, "We hope the"
The Sproger Family donated $50 and said, "Friends of the Miracles. Hope this helps your amazing cause."
Someone donated $50 and said, "A most worthy cause!"
Sara and Adam Benabdallah donated $35
Charlie and Judy Mracle donated $100
Charlie and Judy Mracle donated $100
Larry Feeley donated $50 and said, "What a great cause, project...glad to help out!"
Nana and Poppop donated $100

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