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An organization focused on promoting change in communities around the world.

Who We Are:
Two students at the Catholic University of America that want to utilize our resources in order make a difference in the lives of others.

Ultimately, we want to provide as much aid to different parts of the world that are in need of clean water, sanitation, shelter, education, and health services. 

Because we are a new organization, we want to start our efforts digging deep in Ethiopia and provide a well that can provide clean water for up to 300 people. 

Who We Want To Reach:
Individuals in rural Ethiopia who face extreme poverty, sickness, and devastation. 

A Glimmer of Hope Foundation:
Through working with A Glimmer of Hope, a nonprofit organization that helps lift women and children out of extreme poverty in rural Ethiopia, we will be able to reach the people who need it most. 

Glimmer and Ethiopian partners work together through our funding in order to help build a well. Construction partners in Ethiopia survey each site and determine the best solution for the community. Between 18-24 months, the organization works with the Glimmer team of project managers to build the well in the most beneficial way. While building, we will get a media update on the progress in the village. When construction is complete, community members are trained on maintenance and sustainability in order to keep the project running for years to come. 

Since 2000, A Glimmer of Hope has helped more than 2.5 million Ethiopians overall. More than 1.7 million people have been given access to clean water, 330 school buildings have been constructed and 1 million people have been given access to improved health care. We want to keep the change going! We're working with Glimmer to help bring clean water and sanitation to the people of Ethiopia.

- Maddie Johnstone, John Zamora


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