Hope for the Villages of Shoa

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Villages of Shoa

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Glimmer is working to change lives in the Villages of Shoa. You can join us.

The Villages of Shoa are a group of 12 farming communities in the high plains of central Ethiopia. Making a living off the land is challenging, and life here is difficult. Primary schools are in poor condition and the few high schools are too far away for most students to reach — as a result, many drop out after the eighth grade. Health clinics are in dire need of furnishings and proper equipment, and in some areas, dirty streams are the only source of water.

You can help.

Glimmer's plan is to bring new classrooms, clean water and improved health facilities to the Villages of Shoa. We will also provide livelihood loans to help women and men start or build small businesses. Help us change lives in these villages!


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