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Thank you EAFO Families for visiting the campaign site and learning more about this opportunity to bring quality education and a way out of poverty to these children! Read on to find instructions for reserving space for this great workshop and more about the WithEthiopia Campaign! Hannah Ostby has generously donated her knowledge and time to lead this workshop on Ethiopian Hair Care! Hannah is a local Ethiopian hair stylist, mom and fellow member of EAFO. She works out of her own home salon in Beaverton. At this workshop, she will go over the basics of caring for ethnic hair and then be able to talk one on one about your child’s hair texture and needs. Bring your box of unwanted hair products and trade "swap meet" style afterwards! Space is limited to around 20 adults (no limit on children.) To RSVP: Click on the DONATE button and make a donation of $35.00 or more. Your name will appear and I will receive an email back with your information. This will be your reservation for the workshop! WithEthiopia is a group of local families from Oregon who have adopted kids from Ethiopia and want to provide support to the communities where their children are from. WithEthiopia is focused on helping one rural community at a time by building water wells, schools, health clinics and other community needs. By joining together, local adoptive families can take on larger projects and have a much greater impact. The current project will focus on the town of Tercha, in the Dawro Zone of southern Ethiopia. Many adopted children in our community have come from this very impoverished area of Ethiopia. Our goal is to raise $54,000 toward building the school in Tercha! We only have about $4,000 more to raise by the end of June! Deadline fast approaching. The money raised will build one complete school block with 4 new classrooms. This is part of a larger school building project in addition to extensive improvements in the areas of clean water, sanitation and medical facilities. Please view the parent campaign to see the many projects planned for the town of Tercha. The existing school in Tercha is very small, made of mud and sticks, has no running water or bathrooms for the children. Many kids sit on dirt floors or logs. Educational materials are very limited. Most of the children who attend are boys as the girls do not feel comfortable with the lack of bathrooms, especially after puberty. Please take a look at the photos in the slide show above which show the current conditions. It takes just a small amount of money to bring about tremendous change for these Ethiopian children! Every dollar given equates to $9 Ethiopian dollars (birrs). If we can help bring about quality education for these children, the possibilities for their future are endless! Please view the "Parent Campaign" to see the video of Jeff's trip to Tercha and view more photos of the project! Thank you sincerely, Jill and Greg Martin Kristen and Jeff Greene

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Rachel Post donated $35 and said, "Can't wait to get some advice on Lera's hair!"
Erin Rothrock donated $35 and said, "looking forward to it!"
Carolyn Martin & Bizunesh Walters donated $35 and said, "thank you for hosting this workshop. Looking forward to it!"
Becky Zaw-Tun donated $35 and said, "Hair Care Class"
Breanne Smith donated $40 and said, "Great idea! Can't wait for the class as I have been looking for one to take."
Someone donated $100 and said, "This is wonderful! Thank you."
Someone donated $40 and said, "What a great idea and fun way to raise money! :)"

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