Tsegaye Telila

Hydrogeologist (Ethiopia)

I am a hydro geologist for A Glimmer of Hope and responsible for the investigation of groundwater potential areas, supervision and follow up for the construction of Glimmer funded water projects; evaluation and review of proposals presented by Partners on water schemes and related areas. I also provide training and technical assistance to our Partners to build their capacity and assure sustainability of water schemes.

I was born to my mother Gaddisse Bedada and my father Telila Beji on October 17, 1976 in small rural village called Ripa Besi. I have BSc. Degree in Geology from Addis Ababa University and MSc. Degree in Hydrology and Water Resources Management from Arba Minch University. Prior to Joining A Glimmer of Hope, I worked for Ethiopian Geological Surveys and Ministry of Water Resources as Hydrogeologist since 1998. I am married and God gave me a first birth of mine whose name is Hunde to mean foundation. Our favorite thing to do together is making a dialogue on old tales we heard from our families.

I am happy working for A Glimmer of Hope and the People of Ethiopia because I have witnessed how this organization has changed the life of thousands of poor Ethiopians who don't have access to basic services like potable water, health and education. The organization has enlightened the hope of future generations and created an opportunity for many to help themselves.

Though the body is buried the name will survive above the ground.