Tom Bisciglia Director of MIS

I am incredibly lucky to be a part of A Glimmer of Hope. When I learned about the amazing work this organization does, and the commitment, passion, and leadership of Donna and Philip who have given so generously of themselves, I raised my hand and asked if I could be a part of it. While my work is primarily technical in nature, I'm also dedicated to the goal of helping people and communities first.

I'm also incredibly lucky to have an amazing family supporting me. My wife Kristin is a huge support to me, not just in our everyday lives, but especially with my role at Glimmer. We have three boys, who I know are going to learn so much about helping and giving back thanks to the presence of Glimmer in our lives.

I believe that A Glimmer of Hope is proof positive that real, lasting improvement in Ethiopia and other places of extreme poverty is not only possible, but inevitable as we continue and expand our work. My hope is that we truly solve the problem of poverty in Ethiopia, while providing a model for other organizations to follow in alleviating poverty and improving lives around the world.

Imagination is more important than knowledge.Albert Einstein