Nasser Hassen

Director of Sustainability (Ethiopia)

I'm the Program Manager of A Glimmer of Hope Ethiopia, and responsible for managing the Ethiopia Projects portfolio. I advise partners in the preparation of project proposals, participate in projects review and appraisal, prepare projects grant documents, and follow up on their execution. I also document projects' information, monitor projects' implementation, work closely with the Program Director in the US office, and compile various reports to be submitted to different stakeholders.

I was born and grew up in E.Wollega, West Oromia. I am a graduate in Agricultural Economics (Honor) from Alemaya University and I did my MA in Development Studies (Regional Development Planning) in the Netherlands in 1990. I served for over 10 years in the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development in different capacities (from expert to senior management level- including Head of planning office for regional administration). After leaving the government sector, I worked for four years for the African Development Aid Association as a Project Officer and one year for USAID as Project Management Specialist. From there, in October of 2001, I joined A Glimmer of Hope. I'm married and have five children.

I'm here to contribute to Glimmer's effort in meeting its objectives. I feel that there is nothing more rewarding than being a team member of an organization with the noble cause of offering hope and help to the needy who suffer from the injustice of poverty. Glimmer is an organization where you can quickly see the results of your work. The foundation is committed to development by way of helping my fellow citizen to help themselves. There is no better purpose for me in life than sharing this vision and success.

We must build a new world, a far better world - one in which the eternal dignity of man is respected.Harry S. Truman