Kat Townsend

Communications Associate

As a communications associate, I research, write and collect stories and data from the field to illustrate the huge impact our donors have in the rural villages of Ethiopia. I collaborate with the rest of our communications team to produce digital and printed materials that provide cultural context, operations transparency, and progress updates. Most importantly, we connect donors to personal Ethiopian stories of hope and transformation. I’m proud to use my background in design and content strategy to build awareness of Glimmer’s work.

Previously, as an art director and designer, I provided design, copywriting and content strategy services. My interest in efficient and beautiful communication, both visual and verbal, led to collaborative projects with global and local brands, including seasonal campaigns for Target, food packaging for items in Whole Foods, and illustrations for Austin boutiques. A desire to make a greater impact within my community led to partnerships with local nonprofits and community-centered organizations to improve their marketing and outreach.

I’m thrilled to spend my days with a team of smart and passionate individuals, dedicated to creating positive change. On the weekends you can find me exploring Austin by bike, tending to my ever-growing collection of plants, or hiking the greenbelt with friends.